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Speaking English with confidence is a magnet, attracting opportunities and opening doors to limitless possibilities.

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Features of Our Courses

How Can We Help You?

Our English courses offer a curriculum tailored to meet your individual needs. We work with you and support you every step of the way to ensure you achieve your language goals and speak English with confidence.

Receive expert guidance and support

1:1’s with our specially trained tutors reinforce your English confidence and accelerate new learning to bring you to your next English level quickly and efficiently.

Let Your Personality Shine Through

Expressing yourself naturally in English and not sounding like a robot or constantly hesitating is extremely important for building relationships in business and leisure. We provide the tools, support and space for you to become more like you when you speak English

Practice Makes Perfect

Learning the theory is all well and good but you need to be able to use it as well. In our courses you get ample speaking practice to make progress permanently and confidently.

Succeed in English and Progress your Career.

Often, students have remarked to me how they worry that their lack of confidence speaking English will be misinterpreted as a lack of confidence in their professional ability.

Many have also stated that they have been bypassed for promotions and job offers not because of their lack of ability in their chosen profession but because of their lack of ability in English communication.

This seems so unfair, not to mention frustrating. But like it or not, it is the way of the world we live in.

The value of English proficiency extends far beyond effective communication. Research indicates a direct link between language skills and higher earning potential. According to the EF English Proficiency Index from 2020 findings show that those with better English proficiency earn on average 30% more than their peers with lower proficiency. It probably isn’t a surprise that the same study found that higher English proficiency is linked to better job prospects, opportunities and career

The reassuring news is that English proficiency and fluency can be improved quickly and efficiently given the right guidance and practice conditions.

Working both on building your confidence when you speak English as well as identifying the specific language and grammar you need to learn, practice and retain in order to reach your desired level of fluency will lead you to feeling comfortable and ready to speak up when needed in English.

Here at My Confident English we believe that confidence is the key to successful communication and that is gained through guided practice.

Even the likes of Havard Business Review mention the importance of confidence – in a report in 2017 it was stated that confidence positively influences career progression by helping individuals build strong professional relationships, assert themselves, and seize opportunities for growth.

If you are ready to take your English to the next level and become a more confident and fluent English speaker, book a free discovery call to talk to us about your situation and see how we can help.


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